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Real-Time-Deferrable-Server-Based CPU Scheduler


The Real-Time Deferrable Server (rtds) scheduler is a real-time CPU scheduler built to provide guaranteed CPU capacity to guest VMs on SMP hosts. It is introduced with name rtds in Xen 4.5 as an experimental scheduler.


Each VCPU of each domain is assigned a budget and a period. The VCPU with <budget>, <period> is supposed to run for <budget>us (not necessarily continuously) in every <period>us.

Note: The VCPUs of the same domain have the same parameters right now.


The "xl sched-rtds" command can be used to tune the per VM guest scheduler parameters.

  • xl sched-rtds -d <domain> :List the parameter of the specified <domain>
  • xl sched-rtds -d <domain> -p <period> -b <budget> : Set each VCPU's budget to <budget>us and period to <period>us of the specified <domain>


The design of this rtds scheduler is as follows:

Each VCPU has a dedicated period and budget. The deadline of a VCPU is at the end of each period; A VCPU has its budget replenished at the beginning of each period; While scheduled, a VCPU burns its budget. The VCPU needs to finish its budget before its deadline in each period; The VCPU discards its unused budget at the end of each period. If a VCPU runs out of budget in a period, it has to wait until next period.

Each VCPU is implemented as a deferable server. When a VCPU has a task running on it, its budget is continuously burned; When a VCPU has no task but with budget left, its budget is preserved.

This scheduler follows the Preemptive Global Earliest Deadline First (EDF) theory in real-time field to schedule these VCPUs. At any scheduling point, the VCPU with earlier deadline has higher priority. The scheduler always picks the highest priority VCPU to run on a feasible PCPU. A PCPU is feasible to a VCPU if the PCPU is idle or has a lower-priority VCPU running on it.

Queue scheme: A global runqueue and a global depletedq for each CPU pool. The runqueue holds all runnable VCPUs with budget and sorted by deadline; The depletedq holds all VCPUs without budget and unsorted.

Glossary of Terms

  • us: microsecond
  • Host: The physical hardware running Xen and hosting guest VMs.
  • VM: Guest virtual machine.
  • VCPU: Virtual CPU (one or more per VM).
  • CPU/PCPU: Physical host CPU.
  • Period: The period when a VCPU's budget is replenished or discarded.
  • Budget: The amount of time a VCPU can execute within its period.

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