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  • N0de02:17, 30 March 2012 (UTC) : Hi all. I followed the instructions in this page, but since I have only one interface, which is a wifi interface and find nothing on the internet on how to effectively create a openvswitch switch which uses this interface as the public uplink and downlink, I have not gone farther than having a ubuntu precise upgraded box with xcp installed, but not functional.
How do I create a xenbr0 and bind my wifi interface so it stays functional? After creating a bridge and adding this interface to it, my wifi card became unusable, so I had to delete the bridge for it to become available again.
Thanks for any help, precisions or link on the topic.

Nope. Not linked. The interface cannot be bridged with brctl at all. But when its put in a openvswitch switch, there is no way for network-manager or wicd to control it. It become "unmanageable".