Networking with the XAPI toolstack

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Currently, Project Kronos does not include scripts to configure networking automatically. To get networking working, you'll need to set up the bridge manually:

brctl addbr xenbr0
brctl addif xenbr0 eth0

You may need to move the IP address to the bridge rather than the physical interface. Having done this, try a pif-scan:

xe pif-scan

This should create the network for your interface.

After that you can (not sure if this is necessary) configure management interface. Because we already do have configured interface, it just saying XCP real situation around.

xe pif-reconfigure-ip pif-uuid=... mode=static IP=... mask=... gateway=... DNS=...
xe host-management-reconfigure pif-uuid=...

After scan and configuring it better to reboot to change status (plugged) to actual state of interface.