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This page links to documents, public discussions, meetings, etc. related to Safety Certification of Xen Project based products or code-lines.

Icon Info.png At this stage this category is primarily a place where to track various activities and also to see who is interested in certification efforts of Xen and who could perform which role.

Industry Groups having a stake in certifying Open Source Stacks

Relevant Presentations and Papers

Xen Specific

Industry Wide

  • The AGL software defined connected car architecture, April 2018: whitepaper
  • TSC Sponsored BoF: Can Linux and Automotive Functional Safety Mix ? Take 2: Towards an open source, industry acceptable high assurance OS, Robin Randhawa, 2017: slides

Products using Xen and OpenEmbedded that need/have a degree of Safety Certification

Products with a degree of Safety Certification

Automotive Products

Embedded/Other Products

Contributor Spotlights