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Revision as of 14:12, 3 December 2012 by George Shuklin (talk | contribs) (OVS)
This is unofficial changelog, describing minor internal changes, which can be interested for ISP or XCP power users


  • new command: xe console vm=....
  • vm: other-config:disable_pv_vnc is no longer supported
  • vncterm can provide telnet-like access to VM consoles (PV only?), called 'tc'. Port can be found in xenstore /local/domain/ID/console/tc-port.


  • OVS 1.4.2, main changes:
    • no memory leak on heavy load with many flows
    • normal ipv6 support for ovs-ofctl
  • new service /usr/bin/python /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovs-xapi-sync

IP/MAC antispoofing

  • new values in vif:
               locking-mode ( RW): locked
               ipv4-allowed (SRW): X.X.X.X
               ipv6-allowed (SRW): YY:YY:YY::YY:YY
  • new vif initialization script: /opt/xensource/libexec/setup-vif-rules


  • new log with xen log ring buffer content: /var/log/xen-dmesg

Xen behavior

  • XCP now disable C-states on CPU with errors in powersaving routines. It appears in xen log:
(XEN) Disabling C-states C3 and C6 on Nehalem Processors due to errata