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File:Icon_Ambox.png The Xen Project Wiki has been subject to a severe spam attack in the last several months. To solve this and keep the wiki usable for everyone, we had to lock down the wiki and create an editors group. Please fill out this form and we will add you to the group.

Information about Document Days
Next dates
  • December 15, 2014
More Information
  • Freenode channel #xendocs
  • Turn up
  • Work on documentation
  • Have fun!

What is a Xen Project Document Day?

Xen Project document days are all day IRC events, facilitated by members of the Xen Project community. The purpose of Xen Project Document Days is to

  • Improve user documentation
  • Improve developer documentation, including the creation of man pages, etc.
  • Improve and maintaining the wiki: this means fixing important pages, retiring old ones, help identify what is and isn’t important, write new pages, etc.

How Does it Work?

  • Request to be a Wiki editor
  • Join us on IRC: freenode channel #xendocs
  • Tell people what you intend to work on (to avoid doing something somebody else is already working on)
  • Fix some documentation
  • Help others
  • And above all: have fun!


If you've added a feature for the upcoming 4.5 release, or if you know of a page which needs updating, now is the time to bring things up to date. Give the next person a present and let them find a wiki page which is better because of you!

Other ways to Help

Let us know if you struggled with some content, if something is missing, can be improved and you do not feel sure enough to make changes to a page. The way to do this is by making a comment on talk pages. Every wiki page has an associated talk page which can be used for discussion and communicating with other users. Talk pages can be accessed by clicking the “discussion” tab at the top of the page. Simply edit the page as normal to add your comment, following the conventions outlined in Help:Talk Pages.

Initial proposed dates for 2014

In 2013, we agreed on the mailing list that Xen Project Document days will be held the last Monday of each month. If the date clashes with say a major Xen Project event or a holiday, we will try and find an alternative date.

Following this rule, the initial 2014 dates were:

  • January 27, 2014
  • February 24, 2014
  • March 31, 2014

In March 2014, it became clear that Mondays are problematic to many. Multiple countries have Monday holidays, a number of people's schedules are difficult on Mondays, etc. So, in April, we tried the last Wednesday of the month.

As the Wednesday test was successful in April, we are now proposing dates of:

  • April 30, 2014
  • May 28, 2014
  • June 25, 2014
  • July 30, 2014
  • August 27, 2014
  • September 24, 2014
  • October 29, 2014 (moved to November 5 due to Test Day on October 29)
  • December 10, 2014 (due to holiday schedules in November and December, then moved to December 15 due to Test Day scheduling)

Extra Days

Some community members indicated that they would like an extra doc day on a public holiday or weekend. We are looking for proposed dates. Please add dates below and sign up besides it. If we get more than 5 people signed up, we should hold a day on a weekend.

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