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Where to download the correct cross compiler?

I.e. where do I get arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc supporting march=arm-V7a and mcpu=cortex-a15 from?

You need the Linaro cross-compiler: If you are on Ubuntu, we just need to

 apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

You can also use the kernel.org supplied cross compiler from:


Alternatively if you have a native ARM system running e.g. Debian armhf port then the native gcc can be used.

What hardware is supported?

ARM v7 processors with implement the Virtualisation Extensions are supported. However no such processors are available on the market today. Currently we target the ARM FastModel, see Xen ARMv7 with Virtualization Extensions/FastModels for details.

Is this work using the PVOPS infrastructure of the kernel?

The xen-unstable based ARM port uses the new virtualization extensions introduced recently by ARM. Therefore it requires a Cortex-A15 processor or newer in order to work. On the other hand no paravirt_ops support is necessary in the kernel, as we are using nested paging in hardware.

The level of complexity to implement paravirt_ops for ARM is non-trivial. Fortunately we managed to avoid the need of doing this.

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